Seed and grain storage is an uninterrupted process that requires constant attention and control of all conditioning processes. Grain storage requires that silos and conditioning to work in optimal parameters. Under these conditions, grain storage systems need to be automated with a system of electrical control panels for aggregate control and a system for tracking and controlling specific processes.

Besides the safety of the grain storage in optimal parameters – temperature and humidity, another advantage of implementing an automation solution is cost reduction. Automation reduces staff costs significantly and reduces electricity and fuel consumption (methane, LPG, biomass), ventilation and grain conditioning equipment working only when needed.

Rosilo offers automation solutions with a wide range of functions:

  • control of loading and unloading of silos;
  • transport of cereals between the cells of a system, truck unloading bunker and warehouses;
  • choosing automated grain circulation sequences between storage cells;
  • automated sequences for starting and stopping transport systems safely;
  • controlling the drying process;
  • measuring and controlling the conditioning parameters of stored seed quality;
  • remote monitoring of the storage activity;
  • reports on the state and the events that have taken place over a period of time.

The automation and control panels offered by us, fully comply with European quality and safety standards, are tested before delivery, and assisted in their implementation.

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