Our company specializes in the assembly of grain silos of any size and capacity. The installation of metal silos is our main activity from 2012, and since then we have constantly developed, gaining experience, executing projects in different countries and for different manufacturers (Frame, Symaga, GSI, Sukup, Prive, Symeza, etc.) . The capacities of the silos we executed vary from a few hundred tons per cell to commercial / port sizes of over 10,000 tons per cell.

Rosilo offers complete services for the construction of grain storage and conditioning bases:

  • Flat bottom silos;
  • Hopper silos for wet grain;
  • Mounting of metal catwalks on silos;
  • Installation of grain transport system, grain elevators and grain conveyors;
  • Installation of the grain conditioning system, of the cleaners, grinders, grain dryers;
  • Installation of all the equipment in the flow: augers, slide gates, deviators, flow scales, fast unloading bunker by truck or railway;
  • Installation of ventilation system and temperature sensors;
  • Installation of dust extraction systems;
  • We can also secure the silo assembly supervision.

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