Being a company that offers clients turnkey projects, Rosilo also assures the design and realization of electrical and automation installations for grain storage systems.

In the design process, we consider the storage conditions of the seeds that are stored in silos and the technology for every aspect and detail.

Integrated automation systems include wiring, electrical drives and control panels tailored to the wishes and needs of the customer.

The design and execution of electrical and automation installations is available for all project sizes ranging from a small sized silo to large industrial plants with complex systems for processing, conditioning and insulating cereals.

We provide:

  • Design of electrical installations;
  • Automation – control-command unit operated from PC or Touch screen;
  • Integration of electrical systems to optimize performance, reduce power consumption;
  • Electrical wiring between sensors, motors and automation panel;
  • Earthing and surge arrest installation;
  • Outdoor lighting of grain base;
  • Lighting of technological channels;
  • Protections on power installations;
  • Construction of electrical installations with ATEX standard;
  • Ensuring the reliability and performance of the electrical installation.

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